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About Janina

Janina is a wonderful and supportive mother to a talented 17-year-old son and has been married over 20 years to her loving husband. She was an esteemed corporate employee for over 23 years, educating, supporting and managing teams on behalf of the company's business processes and critical clinical study data within their clinical software applications. Janina is known for consistently bringing her patient, calm energy and deep respect for others to all that she does.

Janina consistently hear from her friends, family, and those who work with her how her positive outlook and non-judgmental conversations create a safe place for them to share issues in their lives.This is what a client can expect from Janina- to be in a safe place to share issues, celebrate successes and accomplishments.

Coaching Experience

  • Adults who want more effective communication in their family and home relationships
  • Adults who want to be more organized and focused at work
  • High school students who want to understand and communicate with their parents and other authority figures
  • High school students who want to be more involved at church

Leadership Experience

  • Chair Nominating Committee at Union Baptist Church
  • Chair Board of Deacons at Union Baptist Church
  • Member of Vision & Renewal Team at Union Baptist Church
  • Lead Manager to multiple outsourced support teams across multiple subject matters at corporate job
  • Team Lead of youth on mission trip to New Orleans (Katrina relief)
  • Youth Leader at Union Baptist Church

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