Holistic Devotion - Build Your Foundation To Gain Strength and Grow In Abundance

The Devotional Room
The ‘room’ is where and what you imagine. I invite you to join me in seeing a room with large windows to easily view the trees and birds outdoors while the air temperature inside is perfect. You are sitting in the most comfortable oversized chair, wearing your most comfortable clothes, sipping the best cup of tea or coffee you have ever had. This is your space without the everyday distractions.  It’s like this…every time you are here.
The Devotional Room is a gathering of like-minded spiritually enthusiastic people, each on their own journey, who seek inward rejuvenation, connection with and support from others, and accountability and support from Janina in applying inspirations from their spiritual journey.
  • TWO 60-minute group phone calls a month! ($150 value)

  • Exclusive access to a 24-hour-a-day The Devotional Room Forum with on-going feedback and spiritual support from other like-minded people in the group! ($100 value)

  • Personal and customized e-coaching and resources directly from Janina! ($100)

  • Exclusive access to a password protected The Devotional Room Members Only page with recordings of all Devotional Room Calls (including archives)! ($250 value)

  • The option to schedule private coaching sessions with Janina at 50% off regular rate... (limit: 3) ($225 value)

  • All of this adds up to regular gathering, support and accountability to deepen your spiritual journey! (priceless)
Value: $ 825 / month

Cost:  $97 / month

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